Diploma of Interior Design


Chloe Odah, brings a diverse range of skills and multi-faceted experience in the design industry to all of her client projects.   Having focused on high end residential, multi-residential and development projects over the last 7 years, the breadth of her experience allows her to provide unique and well executed solutions across building design, interior design and decorating platforms.   Working across key roles with InterStudio, Mosca Pserras Architects, RD International and Rose Development Group has allowed a solid and broad foundation of design acumen to be developed. These core skills, combined with a passion for interiors, graphics, fashion and the arts, mean Chloe is focused on creating customised and beautiful design solutions for her clients and their homes.   Her infectious energy is not only integral to her can-do attitude but is pervasive and evident in all her work. Unorthodox in todays digital environment, Chloe has a unique approach to conceptual development utilising her rare hand sketch water mark art form to convey the conversation of her concepts to her clients.

“My favourite part of the design process is that initial client meeting and the concept development. The excitement of the unknown, and the uniqueness of each and every individual client fascinates me. The opportunity to bring a clients imagination to life during presentations is really what makes my day.”

Chloe Odah

“I want to thank Chloe for her amazing service and work. The result is beautiful and something I feel very comfortable calling home. You allowed us to be quite hands-off because of the trust we had with each other, which made our lives easier through this process, and the result is exactly (if not more) what we expected". 

Vanessa Torre, client.