Bachelor of Commerce | Bachelor of Science; Psy (nc) | Dip of Interior Design (nc)


Melissa is the owner and Principal of The Designory and it’s affiliated retail partner, The Design Hunter. Maintaining a key role in all client projects remains paramount for her, alongside managing the expanding end-to-end and complementary businesses. Melissa brings over 20 years of experience in renovation and design, customer and project management, business marketing, and the study of human behaviour.  The result is a multi-faceted and holistic approach to creating functional, layered and livable homes for our clients.   Bringing with her hands on experience across a number of her own large scale renovations, and now an in-depth of knowledge working with clients in the Australian market, Melissa adds value at all levels of the projects undertaken by The Designory team. Her understanding of the design and building processes allows her to seamlessly bridge the gap between the two offering smart ideas and clever solutions at every stage of the process, she has a sharp eye for design and a penchant for detail. Her passion for a balance between function and aesthetic, her skills in client advocacy and customer service, and her continual search for the beautiful and unusual, creates an unparalleled experience for our clients.


“Personally, I think the art to the consultant/client relationship in architecture or design is flexibility and knowing one’s customer. It’s really important to try understand the client (their wants,needs,likes,dislikes) and help shape their vision. Some architects are crap, and shape their own vision based on the infrastructure or house, irrespective of who the client is.   You guys are good at this, “bolshy”, but good. ”

–  Ben Chadwick