Step 1:


The Designory offers a full range of services, so whether you need building design, approvals processing, interior design, decorating, styling – or all of them – the process always starts with an initial consultation. Our first meeting together allows the Designer to understand the full scope of what is needed as well as assists you with understanding the full capabilities of the design practice. No matter the size of the project or the budget, we always begin with the same level of detail and involvement. You book in your time with the Designer to have an initial meeting, preferably onsite, to outline the project brief including needs, scope, timing and budget. Whilst each job and client is unique, the consultation usually takes between 1-2 hours. In order to get the most out of your consultation, make sure you’re prepared! Here’s a list of the things you can do before you meet with your Designer:
  • Gather all the existing information you have about your property ie: existing plans; survey or drawings from your contract of sale; your 149 Planning Certificate (located at the end of your contract of sale); drainage diagrams etc.
  • Keep a record of things you love – create a folder of tear sheets, a list of Bookmarks, photo’s of houses you like or a Pinterest page.
  • Think about your budget and timing – this is important as it gives your designer a good understanding of what is required, possible and achievable.
  • Create a brief – make a list of your “must haves” and “nice to haves”, identify the functional things that are important to your home and family, and identify what your objectives are for undertaking the project.
Step 2:


In conjunction with developing the brief and concept, we will measure the relevant internal spaces taken.   This is required to ensure space planning and detailed drawings can be done accurately and efficiently.

Approximate timeframe: 1-2 weeks (concurrent with Step 3).

Step 3:


After your Initial Consultation, your Designer will send you an Estimate for Design Services which will provide an overview of everything discussed as well as detail the time and costs involved for your project. Once you have accepted the Estimate, you will be assigned a lead Designer most suited to your project. They will meet with you to fully review and define the brief, budget, and scope and then start work developing ideas and the overall concept for the project. During the early stages, as well as throughout the project, your lead designer will work collaboratively with all members of our in-house team, including our building advisory consultant should that be necessary, to ensure that the final design is produced in a way that can be built practically and within the budget allocated. Once the concept development has been completed, your Designer will meet with you to present and review their ideas and proposal for the overall project including materials, finishes, colours, images, mood and conceptual ideas, and high level space planning and flow.

Approximate time-frame: 2-3 weeks.

Step 4:


If design sketches are required, we will then provide you with a number of designs and plan alternatives in yellow trace sketch format which are in line with your brief. At this point we would meet with you to discuss and refine the ideas ready for more detailed documentation. This stage also includes the sourcing, selection and documentation of finishes, fixtures, fittings, or furniture and finishing elements. This encompasses a large amount of the project but will essentially involve the selection of every item or element necessary to achieve the concept agreed up in conjunction with the budget and timing for the project.  

Approximate timeframe: 4-8 weeks


Step 5:


Where relevant, for example a new Kitchen design, all of the detailed internal drawings are completed in line with the selections made. This includes any internal space such as Kitchens, wet areas, joinery and any other detailed elements for construction. We will also schedule and document all of the selections and details for the construction of the space and create a Scope of Works. We can also work with your selected tradesman or assist you with finding the right licensed trades to complete the project.  

Approximate timeframe: 6-8 weeks.

Step 6:


The Designer will manage the sourcing of all of your items and will utilise our buying power and trade discounts to secure the best possible pricing and production or delivery time frames for you. We will obtain quotes, pricing, lead times and delivery details from all of the relevant suppliers and trades. This information is detailed in various schedules that allow us to manage the project and provide information for both you and the relevant trades to be able to make decisions and provide clear and detailed direction.  

Approximate timeframe: 2-4 weeks.

Step 7:


Once all of the items have arrived onsite, your Designer will work with you and the trades where relevant to install everything in your home and bring the spaces to life. The Designer will work closely with them to make sure your expectations are met and the project is managed in an effective manner.  

Approximate timeframe: Project dependent.